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About Pooljoy

Our unique advantages for you

We have been able to introduce innovative improvements in our products because of our experience of over 20 years. Our developments mean less maintenance and a longer life!

1. All our play elements are maintenance friendly and easy to assemble

The material of our plinth and flange (which are used with the play elements) has been made of specially composed plastic. By using this material it cannot be affected by osmosis and is chemically resistant (less colourings and the top coat layer cannot come off in chlorine water). Result: a maintenance-friendly and extremely sustainable water play item!
Moreover, the model of the plinth and flange is universal. This means that we can standardise the assembly of animal figures (with or without hand pump). Result: a cost reduction of which you can profit at once! If you wish, we can send the assembly template to you in advance, so that you can already prepare the assembly points during the construction of your swimming pool. But in most cases our assembly team uses the template on location.


2. A hand pump developed by us: safer and less moving parts

Thanks to our long-term experience we developed a unique, universal hand pump entirely in house at Pooljoy for all your water equipment.

The features of our hand pump:

  • By using other plastic materials and testing our pump intensively our pomp has a longer life
  • Pooljoy has designed a new pump handle seal, so that there is no risk of jamming anymore.
  • There are more sustainable interior rubber valves and there are no membranes anymore. This helps you to save on your maintenance costs!

In short, our hand pump is more sustainable and maintenance friendly because of these unique features.

3. Water play equipment can be set horizontally more easily

We place correction rings at the top of the plinth. This means that we do not have to form or cut the plinth to shape when placing animal figures on a sloping underground. This is because the correction rings make the water play equipment stand straight on the sloping plinth. This means that the assembly can proceed faster, because the water play equipment does not have to be adapted anymore on the spot at the bottom side.