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Our newest interactive water play equipment!

Children love it; interacting with water play equipment! We are therefore proud of our new interactive water games, where they can fully enjoy themselves.
These games were recently placed at **** Camping De Paal in Bergeijk (NL).

Interactive pie with sensor seats

There are 6 chairs around the beautiful party cake, let the chair dance start. The children can walk around it and as soon as they sit on a chair, the cake begins to spray water! The more children are taking place at the same time, the more water starts spraying.
What a nice party! 

Interactive tubes game

There are 3 transparent tubes and the children can fill these with water and regulate the water levels of the tubes themselves. There are rotary knobs and sliders present. The cheerful spinning Smiley Flowers are a happy picture for young and old.


Interactive basket game

On the big green flower is the yellow basket placed where the children can throw balls through. As soon as a ball goes through the basket, the orange-white tube begins to spray water to the children. And from the red pipes the water curtain comes underneath to run through, delicious!