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Renovate your swimming pool 

This is the time of year to clean everything in your pool (s), to check that everything is still working (safe) and to repair / replace devices. Before we get into the summer and the swimming season starts again.

Renovate your pool

Water play equipments are popular in a swimming pool. But they should above all be safe and as well look nice / happy. And our playground equipment meet both wishes.

Below we show a picture of a swimming pool without water play equipments:

Camping-de-paal-zwembad_foto_1-1.jpg  Camping-de-paal-zwembad_foto_2-1.jpg

And here you see the same swimming pool, now with our water play equipments:

20160324_140125-1.jpg 20160324_140048-1.jpg

At one glance, you see what a difference all the happy colors of the devices in a swimming pool makes!

Do you need to renovate your swimming pool? We will gladly inform you about the possibilities, please contact us.