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Animal figures

Children love animals and what is nicer than playing with them in a swimming pool! Our animal figures automatically spray water or the children can pump water from the animal figure themselves with a safe hand pump. We can also place sensors, so that the water only sprays when children move. In this way playing with water becomes very interactive for children!

Each of our products is bright, colourful, very sustainable, but in particular also unique! Because the material of our plinth and flange (with are used with these water play elements) are made of a specially composed plastic. By using this material the material cannot be affected by osmosis and is chemically resistant (less colourings and the top coat layer cannot come off in chlorine water).
Result: a maintenance-friendly and very sustainable water play element!

Our standard animal figures are the duck, the penguin, our hippo, a twisting snake, our fish and the seahorse.

Please contact with us without obligation, so that we can inform you personally about our extensive options.