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Toddler pools

We have now included toddler pools in our range for our very youngest customers. The pools are built using separate elements, allowing us to adjust the shape, size and colour. This means we can supply a toddler pool completely in line with your needs!

Toddler pools 2.0
We are offering a new generation of toddler pools. Our many years of experience has allowed us to implement innovative developments in our toddler pools:

  • A well-known shortcoming is that paddling pools will often show some form of wear and tear after a period of time. This can include colour changes of the different sections which are usually immersed in water and the effects of osmosis thereby become visible too (a bumpy structure is formed, which will eventually result in the rupturing of the gel coat, which can cause dangerous situations). We use specially formulated plastic in our paddling pools for most of the parts which are in direct contact with the chlorinated water. This plastic prevents discolouration and ensures all parts continue to look beautiful and tight!

  • We have included overflow channels around the paddling pools. These channels result in the perfect circulation of any water going over the edge (the water is purified and pumped back into the pool). This results in good water quality. In most cases this can be connected to an existing water purification system, but Pooljoy can also supply you with the water purification system.

  • The pool can be positioned, for example, on the swimming pool platform and doesn’t require a great of structural preparation.

  • Faster delivery/installation is possible (1 to 2 weeks).

The pools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as a result of the specially formulated plastic. The pool is therefore weather resistant too and is not sensitive to the effects of UV radiation. 

We would be more than happy to provide you with information regarding all the options in relation to shapes, sizes and colours. Please do get in touch with us, free from obligation and we will be able to discuss what the ideal children’s swimming pool for your location could look like!