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Playing hut with slide

A playing hut is a beautiful water play object to make a play paradise of your swimming pool. You have the choice to place one slide or various slides.


Our playing huts have a transparent fall protection on the sides. In order to let them perfectly match your paradise, these walls can be given a theme, if required (incl. fairy tales, beach, jungle).

We can make things even more playful by adding various water spray effects, for example on the slides or steps. And with the sensors the water only sprays when children move, so that playing really becomes interactive!

You can create your playing hut with a slide yourself, exactly as you want. All the steps, slides, side walls and roofs are available in various colours and can be designed by yourself. Or you can give your playing hut a special theme, so that it perfectly matches the rest of your swimming pool.

Click here to see a 3D-model of our playing hut with one slide. 

We would like to inform you about the extensive options of our playing huts and other water play equipment. For this please contact us without obligation.